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Corliss Law is dedicated to serving the unique planning needs of the business owner and their families through thorough, carefully designed and implemented business and wealth preservation strategies and plans.

Wealth Preservation in Corliss Law Group Estate Planning Law Corporation

Wealth Preservation is the unification of your efforts to protect and plan for your estate, your business and your assets, but it is much more than the sum of its parts.  It is the symphony, the unified and seamless plan that orders the outside context of your life, so your pursuits, life events and transitions are as smooth and harmonious as possible.  Wealth Preservation Planning is comprised of a number of disciplines, but most importantly Estate Planning, Business Planning, Asset Protection Planning, and Financial Planning.  It also involves the efforts the combined efforts of a team of trusted advisors working together as a Collaborative Team to build a unified plan.  At Corliss, A Law Corporation, we are dedicated to that goal.


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