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Corliss Law Group Estate Planning Law Corporation: Business Review and Audit

What If You Already Have a Business Entity?


When we are involved in the original business planning and choice of entity, our engagement often involves an initial Risk Assessment of the areas of risk that your business will most likely be subject to. These risks can involve business processes, record keeping, reporting, compliance procedures, economic and capital structure, labor structure, procedures and compensation, insurance coverage, and a number of other issues. The purpose of this Risk Assessment is to attempt to anticipate risk exposure and assist in providing structure, processes and safeguards to eliminate, minimize, or prepare for such risks.


If we have not participated in the original planning, were not asked to initially conduct that review, or after any business has been operating for a while, we offer a Business Review and Audit Package which includes a Risk Assessment. This process allows us “audit” and assess the choice of entity, whether conditions have changed, and the common risk areas and exposure brought about by the way the business is operating. We offer several Review Packages priced to accommodate the needs of any business.


The Business Review Process parallels the steps of the Entity Choice and Formation Process. In general the necessary information is gathered, reviewed and evaluated and a report presenting our findings, along with recommendations for changes, a timeline and the price of our services to design and implement the recommended changes.